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ASRA - American Sportbike Racing Association

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Achieve Your Racing Goals with ASRA

ASRA was created for you .. the racer who wants to advance farther and faster in the ranks of motorcycle racing. The ASRA arena is a stepping stone towards Professional status .. helping you to become the best racer you can be.

Our Contingency purse amounts are based upon the number of finishers. As you can see from the ASRA Contingency Program Information Sheet (PDF), bigger fields put more money in your pocket. In addition, most of the major bike manufacturers offer separate contingencies for ASRA classes. Since the entry fees are reasonable, it just makes sense to add ASRA to your portfolio.


The ASRA Sprint Series is open to Amateurs as well as Experts, has Qualifying for grid positions (unless otherwise posted on the schedule), and features these classes: Sportbike, SuperStock, ThunderBike and Moto 3. There are separate, points, podiums and trophies for Amateurs and Experts.


The ASRA Team Challenge Series features endurance races approximately two hundred kilometers in length or two hours.* Teams can comprise up to four riders on a single bike, amateurs and experts. Bike types are split between GTO, GTU and GT Lights for various displacements.
*Some can be as long as 3 hours or 200 miles - see schedule

Each Series has up to 8 Rounds during the season. Points awarded each round accumulate to determine the National Champions who are crowned during the annual Race of Champions Awards Ceremony.

Refer to our Rulebook to determine where your bikes fit and for technical requirements. Attend all ASRA Riders Meetings at the event to learn about post-race inspections and other rules specific to that venue & the weekend in general.

ASRA complies with Age Restrictions for all race tracks in all US states. At most racing facilities, riders must be at least 16 years of age to participate in the ASRA Sprint and Team Challenge; (12 for the ASRA Moto 3 class). Please consult the Minor Information faq sheet (PDF) and our Rulebook for more. As an example, at Daytona International Speedway racers must be between 14 & 16 years old to race in certain classes.

The History of ASRA

The first full season of the ASRA National Championship Series was 2006. The Series was created when Kevin Elliott established American Sportbike Racing Association LLC at the same time he acquired the Championship Cup Series. ASRA is modelled after the original North American Sport Bike Series (NASB) and its later counterpart FormulaUSA Championship Series.

Originally exclusive to riders with Expert status, the ASRA Sprint Series opened up competition to Amateurs beginning with the 2011 race season.

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