• 5 Major Displacement Breakdowns

    • Lightweight

    • Middleweight

    • Heavyweight

    • Unlimited

    • Ultralight

  • 4 Major Class Groups:

    • SuperSport

    • SuperBike

    • Grand Prix

    • GT

  • Specialized Classes:

    • Rookies Cup (beginners)

    • ThunderBike

    • SuperTwins

    • Formula 40

    • Moto3

    • Vintage

CCS/ASRA Class & Entry FAQs
1. Why is the at-track schedule different than the one posted on this website?
Answer – All schedules posted on our website are considered “Tentative” and should be used for
planning only. The “at track” schedule is the Official Schedule to use.
The Race Director has the option to change the event schedule due to conditions, number of entries or
other reasons. Always attend the Riders’ Meeting -every day- for updates to all event schedules.
2. How much does it cost to enter races?
Answer – Fees are listed in the instructions for each form and in our mailers. Typically the 1st class you
enter is more expensive than additional classes during a weekend event. Please refer to the reverse site
of the Pre-Entry form for the most accurate price information. Post Entering a class is usually $5 more
per class than pre-entry.
3. Am I eligible to compete in the ASRA Sprint & Team Challenge classes?
Answer – Yes – IF you have a full ASRA license and your bike meets the proper specifications per our
current Competition Rulebook. (See License FAQs for information on upgrading your license.) All ASRA
classes can be entered by both Amateurs and Experts – Separate trophies, points & contingencies for
each. Each ASRA rider must also have an AMA Membership.
4. How do entries & fees differ during a Twin Sprints weekend?
Answer – If an event is tagged as a Twin Sprints, every CCS class runs twice (except the GTs & Rookies
Cup) during the same weekend. Fees are based upon all of your entries for both days, saving you a
tremendous amount of money for camping, motel rooms, gate & entry fees – plus giving you the
opportunity to earn more points.
Check the boxes for Day 1 and Day 2 next to each class you wish to enter. For classes
that only run once, check the box for Day 1 only. Your first class of the weekend on your first day of
racing will be the higher priced item. Subsequent classes will be reduced in price for both days.
Most Common Mistake: Failure to mark the proper blocks for Race 1 and/or Race 2 on Entry Forms.
(This causes the rider to be entered in the first day of racing only.)
5. What classes does CCS have?
Answer – Refer to our Pre-Entry Form for the list of classes, as well as our current Rulebook.

updated contingency, all online

New 2023 rulebook in december